My name is Saara and I’d describe myself as heart-based, authentic, loving adventurous, ambitious, service-orientated, connection-orientated, spiritual and big-hearted. I’m a lawyer by profession but have been writing for over ten years about my travels, consciousness, mindfulness, inspiration and spirituality. I believe that the human spirit has a love for beauty, for greatness because it is rooted in our love for the divine and His perfection. I believe that the universe is carried within us and while I love the outward journey, it is the inward journey that I find so intriguing, powerful and transformational.

I’ve been writing for over ten years now. I first began when I moved to Tanzania, working for an NGO, when I was 23 and couldn’t help but share all the amazing things happening there as well as the many adventures I was lucky to embark on. This site is an extension of that same intention. It is a place of sharing. I’ve loved learning about well-being since I could remember and I’ve loved traveling since forever. These three come to an intersection here – wellbeing, travel and writing. It’s here that I’d love to share the little tidbits of everything I learn. It is not an endpoint but the beginning of a journey which will unfold as the days go and the pages turn as does life.

  • Thank you for joining me on this exquisite journey!