Saara Ali is a Canadian poet and spoken word artist based in Dubai, UAE. She is also a lawyer and entrepreneur and now a published writer. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Saara has lived on four continents and visited over 40 countries. Her interactions on her travels intrigued her to further explore the human mind, spirit and connection. This prompted her to start writing and jotting down her understanding of the world in words that she and many like her could relate to. Her work reveals her love for human connection, potential and the power of the written and spoken word. While fascinated by new cultures and languages, she is especially intrigued by the common thread that runs through us and the universal truths that bind us all.

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2017- Present

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Embark on a journey of self discovery and spiritual exploration with Saara through the pages of her book “Barefoot: a seeker’s journey”. Each poem is a footstep in the walk along the path of self-realization. It is an invitation to embrace the never ending journey. A journey that leads us inward even as we explore the vastness and beauty of nature around us.

A journey embarked upon, the outward, the inward, the seeking, the traversing, the unfolding, the recognizing, the realizing we were always whole to begin with. We were always the magic. Illustrated with stunning imagery, the collection takes us down untrodden paths and shows us the majesty of mountains, the harmony of sunsets, and the whispers of the ocean. The act of walking barefoot becomes a metaphor for stepping into the unknown, embracing uncertainty, and discovering our truest